restaurant misurina

The Restaurant is open for lunch on the weekends (Saturday and Sunday) until Easter.

Just in front of the camping you’ll find the Restaurant “Alla Baita”; we open for your breakfast at 7:30 am and close in the evening at 10 pm.

The kitchen is open for lunch from 12 to 3 pm and for dinner from 6:30 pm to 9 pm.

We are waiting for you with a rich traditional menu and some specials of the day!



From 7:30 am we serve warm jam croissants just out of the oven with a foamy cappuccino. 

colazione cappuccino brioche

If you need a earthier breakfast, though, we also have a rich breakfast buffet (only in summer) to start off the day with the right foot. 

With only 13 you’ll be able to serve yourself with bread, jams, butter, cold cuts, cheese, cereals, cookies and homemade cakes. And of course coffee (or tea), fresh milk and juices.


Do you come back thirsty and hungry from your hiking trip?

You can enjoy a cold beer, a spritz aperol or a fresh juice on our terrace, as well as a bite to eat.

We serve all day homemade cakes and desserts (apple strudel, buckwheat cake, pies and much more), but also paninis, sandwiches and plates with local cold cuts and cheeses.

aperitivo misurina spritz

Lunch and Dinner

For your meals we serve simple and healthy dishes, made following traditional recipes and with high quality ingredients.

You can try the canederli (bread dumplings) as a soup in the traditional version with speck, or in a vegetarian tris made with beetroot, spinach and cheese. 

You can’t miss the classic polenta (corn mash) with sausages, goulasch, mushrooms or grilled cheese. 


Our Suppliers

logo zipperle succhi

Fruit juices made with the best quality fruits in Merano (BZ) and bottled in returnable glass bottles to avoid the waste.

logo latteria tre cime

Fresh milk, butter, yogurt, cheese: all made with the freshest milk from High Pustertal (BZ).

logo macelleria hell

Our meat mainly comes from Hell, a butchery shop in Monguelfo (BZ) with a long history of quality meats and cold cuts.

Organic Cola, sparkling orange, ice tea and juices, all their soft drinks are made in Italy using the best ingredients.

Cookies, cereals, snacks and some detergents come from this plastic-free and zero-waste online shop. All their products are made with certified and organic ingredients.

We make our signature polenta using the special corn flour from "Mais Sponcio": this unique product comes from a farming cooperative of the Belluno area. It's semi-wholemeal flour, which is obtained by stone grinding the corn of the same name.